Supporting Materials for ACRP Research Report 202: Developing Innovative Strategies for Aviation Education and Participation


ACRP Research Report 202 and accompanying materials are the result of ACRP Project 01-34, whose objective was to provide guidance and supporting material to promote interest and participation in the aviation industry.

The report is designed to help develop intentional pathways for promoting interest in aviation. These pathways are seen as the process for engaging students at an early age to pursue aviation at some level, and then have them, in turn, continue the cycle by promoting aviation to others. The report also provides support for developing and executing events and activities when these are seen as the most practical means of exposing young people to the aviation industry. These events and activities are presented as “landing pages” targeted by activity, target age group, and cost per person.

Final Report and Other Resources

The Research Report is available here: (

Presorted tables of the events and activities are available here: (

A searchable list of these landing pages is available here: (

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