Emerging Issues for ACRP:
Enhancing the Aviation Ecosystem


Background Statement

The airport community comprises many different stakeholders and their “systems” that frequently interact with each other. The opportunities for the airport ecosystem to thrive are abundant due to changing technologies, proliferation of big data, and evolving customer expectations. The benefits of an integrated ecosystem will allow stakeholders to remain resilient moving forward into the next century.

Data and information sharing, as well as collaboration, has been proven to be effective when there are irregularities involved in the aviation ecosystem. These have been successfully implemented for very discrete events, such as snow operations, diversions, and emergency situations. However, there are many barriers to fully integrative collaboration regarding the daily operation of the “system”, such as trust, egos, politics, different missions, and proprietary processes and knowledge, proprietary ownership, different data streams and ownership structures. The benefits that have occurred when responding to disruptive events can be applied to the daily course of business. This includes enhanced efficiencies, improved communications, cost-savings, better use of resources for all stakeholders, and an engaged workforce.

Research Ideas

  • Identify which “systems” are interdependent and which are symbiotic with each other.
  • Select a systematic approach regarding the “systems” on what needs to be done and when.
  • Determine participants in the “systems” discussion and how to increase the effectiveness of collaboration.
  • Identify how to break down silos between industry sectors to increase collaboration and productivity.
  • Define basic data needs across the “systems” and the commonalities among “systems”.
  • Assess how to encourage joint innovative technologies that will serve airport passengers.
  • Consider how to get all airport industry and “systems” partners to understand their role in everyday situations.


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